Most properties within the Borough of Sewickley Heights are served by an On-Lot Sewage Disposal (Septic) System. Ordinance No. 301 provides information and rules and regulations governing septic systems in Sewickley Heights Borough. All new and existing septic systems are regulated by both the Borough and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), and the Borough’s Sewage Enforcement Officer administers these regulations.


The Borough encourages our residents to have their septic systems pumped regularly, every three (3) years, to prolong the life of the system. Pumpers and haulers must be registered with the Borough.


If you wish to install or modify a septic system or if your system is malfunctioning, please contact the Borough Office (412-741-5119  x 3) to obtain a DEP application for an On-lot Sewage Disposal System Permit. The application, with instructions, can be picked up at the Borough Office. All applications will be reviewed by the Sewage Enforcement Officer under Ordinance No. 301 and applicable state laws.


If you have a Small Flow Treatment Facility (SFTF) permitted by DEP, you will be required to enter into a Developer's Agreement with the Borough and to establish a collateral escrow account in the amount of $3,500.00. For more information about SFTFs, please see Ordinance No. 301. These requirements are in addition to any applicable DEP requirements.